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At PETJOA Kitty-Medi-Check, we are committed to providing exceptional preventative care for your furry companion. Our team of experienced veterinarians and technicians prioritize your cat’s health and wellbeing, and work tirelessly to ensure they receive the best possible care.

Advanced Cat Urine Testing

You love your cat like family and so do we

That's why we created Kitty-Medi-Check to help you keep your furry friend healthy and happy for years to come.

Kitty-Medi-Check is a revolutionary cat litter supplement that allows cat owners to monitor their cats’ health at home quickly and easily. Urinary tract disease is the most frequent disease among cats, with 50% of all cats experiencing feline low urinary tract disease, including cystitis, urinary tract infections (UTIs), and urolithiasis. Acute and chronic kidney disease is the second leading cause of sudden cat death.

Cats have a tendency to hide their illnesses, making it difficult for owners to identify abnormalities and delaying necessary treatment. Regular veterinary check-ups can be challenging, particularly when far away. Using a cat litter that your cat prefers is essential because cats are very particular, and using an uncomfortable litter box can lead to urinary tract disease.

Kitty-Medi-Check is a newly invented supplement that can be used with most existing cat litter. Simply spread the supplement over the litter that your cat is accustomed to, and you can easily check and monitor your cat’s health.

Who We Are

More than 20 years of experience in different specialties


Woo Soon Jang

Chemical/Material and Process Development

04” ~ 09” : Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
09” ~ 16” : Yonsei University in South Korea
Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering
16” ~ 18” : Yonsei University in South Korea Adjunct Professor, Department of Medical Engineering
15” ~       :  FutureBioWorks Corp


Terry Lee

10”~ : Promotional Signs, inc
15” ~ : LED factory, LLC
22” ~ : FutureBioWorksUSA Corp


Shane Sul

17” ~ 02” : SJ Import & Trading Inc.
10” ~ : Sul & Ko Inc.
22” ~ : FutureBioWorksUSA Corp

Healthy Cat, Happy Home

Keep your cat’s health on track with Kitty-Medi-Check. Our testing kits cover a range of health concerns, from kidney function to thyroid levels, so you can catch any issues early.